Mixer Settlers

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Solvent extraction or LLE (liquid-liquid extraction) is a process of separating compounds or metal Complexes, based on their relative solubility’s in two different immiscible liquids like water and organic Compounds. Solvent extraction is a very old and the most common and important process for separation and purification of many elements.

It has been evolved largely over recent years which has resulted into introduction of new extraction processes and equipment which has eventually increased its application in many extraction units including Metal Extraction Plants. Amongst those, one of the most prevalent and coveted extractor is Mixer Settler because of its great efficiency and reliability.

Mixer Settler is a typical arrangement or equipment used to extract or remove (whichever applies the best) a particular component (the solute) from one liquid phase to another. This is generally called as Liquid liquid Extraction (LLE). In practical use, usually one phase is water based (aqueous) and the other is organic solvent (immiscible with water).

In simplified manner, a Mixer-Settler consists of an agitated tank (Mix Box), in which both the liquid phases are mixed, followed by a shallow gravity settling basin (Settler), where the solutions extricate into separate layers for individual discharge.

  • High stage efficiency (> 95%)
  • Handles wide solvent to feed ratio
  • Possess high capacity (throughout)
  • Offers good flexibility in adding or removing extra stages
  • Handles liquids with high viscosity
  • Offers reliable scale-up
  • Single Mixer
  • Duplex Mixer
  • Rectangular or Circular Mixers
  • Sealed covers over the Mixer Settler with vented chambers
  • Variable Speed Motors
  • High efficiency curve blades impeller (Static and Dynamically Balanced)
  • Uniform flow pattern along the settler and overflow weirs
  • Interface level control by internal and adjustable overflow weir
  • Organic or Aqueous Recycle.
  • FRP
  • Dual laminate (PP, C-PVC, PVDF, MS)
  • Thermoplastic (PP, C-PVC, PVDF)
  • Metal (MS, SS)
  • Acrylic
  • Centrifugal Extractor
  • Pulse Column
  • After Settlers
  • Electric panels
  • Coalescers
  • FRP
  • Dual laminate (PP, C-PVC, PVDF, MS)
  • Thermoplastic (PP, C-PVC, PVDF)
  • Metal (MS, SS)
  • Acrylic

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