Reactor Vessels

Coroseal Chemical Equipments Pvt. Ltd

Coroseal designs & manufactures FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Plastic) Reactor Tanks in a wide range of shapes, sizes and configurations. These Reactor tanks are manufactured mainly by Hand Lay-up or filament winding processes. Reactors can be fabricated with Dish bottom, Conical bottom, bolted flat top or closed top according to our customers requirements.

Coroseal manufactures & supplies reactors with complete assembly line. One such assembly line is the Agitator Assembly with motor, gear box, bearing housing and VFD panel. The agitator system can be mounted on an independent structure on the reactor tank itself. The stirrers are manufactured out of MS, SS material suitably lined with FRP or thermoplastic.

Materials of Construction

  • FRP / GRP using the following resin system
  • Isophthalic Bisphenol Vinyl ester
  • And dual laminate using the following thermoplastic
  • FRP
  • Dual laminate (PP, C-PVC, PVDF, MS)
  • Thermoplastic (PP, C-PVC, PVDF)
  • Metal (MS, SS)
  • Acrylic

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